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Thank you for stopping by. Here is a bit about me.

I grew up in 8 cities, thanks to my father being a doctor in the Indian Armed Forces. My education spread across 9 schools in 16 years of education. I give credit to this life for being trained in etiquette and social presence. At the same time, I was encouraged to question what it means to have a meaningful existence and a purpose in life.


While I still took the time to understand what I am good at, I studied Biotechnology and Clinical Research. My first 10 years of career were in healthcare organizations like Johnson & Johnson and Avegen Health. While that exposure was exciting and challenging, I was still searching for something to fulfil me. The Universe has been kind to show me my path in helping people to present themselves more powerfully. And so I started off by training corporate professionals in etiquette and grooming.


Doing that for over 2 years, I started to see the gap in sustaining what was being taught. I saw how much people struggled because being a particular way seemed like an act to put up for a while. As if being kind and well-groomed was a coat you put on when in an executive room. I also learnt that “telling” wasn’t “training”. There had to be another way such that people begin to become aware of their own self and therefore shift the way they behave and connect with others.


I am grateful for coming across the learnings of Werner Erhard, Eckhart Tolle & Marshall Rosenberg. Their lessons allowed me to take my purpose forward, which is to help people achieve their goals by shifting the way they communicate with their key relationships (both professional and personal). 

My expertise is in helping people break down counterproductive patterns of communication with self and others. My mission on this planet is to simplify communication for people in a way that allows borders to dissolve and communities to thrive!



I am inspired by the following quote and am passionate about making an impact on peoples’ lives with the power of impact communication.

“Watch your thoughts for they become your words,
Watch your words for they become actions,
Watch your actions for they become habits,
Watch your habits for they become your character,
Watch your character for it becomes your destiny”

– Lao Tse