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Thanks to Mira for enabling this self-realization journey of how much of what happens and what can happen is in one's own hands and how to take responsibility to make it happen. Like a true coach, you are someone who is most empathetic and patient through our journeys of transformation and evolution. You give me the courage to look at life boldly and feel in control. And lastly, your positive energy is something that all of us would love to keep receiving. Thank you for inspiring us. I have taken many learnings but most importantly the means to solve each of my communication challenges. Loved learning the power of journaling.
Sharada Ravi
Director HR, IQVIA
I will highly recommend taking this course to improve the awareness of how our actions impact the outcomes in professional, personal and social life. Mira Swarup is a great impact communicator and will highly recommend her course if you think you wanted to take your communication to next level. Thank you Mira for making us aware of our needs, beliefs, feelings, and big conversations. Each session was impactful.

Manik Chawla
CEO, Practolytics
Its been an amazing experience and so wonderful to know and understand my own self and this helps a lot to understand others - the perfect guide to very impact communication with everyone Mira, it's been the best session/program I have attended to date in all aspects. You are so organized and perfect at all times! Everything is perfect and well thought about and implemented extremely well. Excellent!! Awesome!! Congratulations and best wishes always!!

Gita Sethi
Life Coach & Mentor
The Impact Communication Course clearly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it for others to attend as so much value is included in it! Mira is such a wonderful coach and trainer and she was able to share her knowledge with us in such a practical and 'actionable nuggets' manner, and, to inspire and engage us to fully take on and continue our own journeys with impactful communication!
Anna Karin
HR Management & Development, United Nations
Mira is a total exceptional communication coach, who really knows her stuff and has the power to create an impact for others. She is very easy to talk who really understands what feels and needs. She knows the nerve of the person. In all a positive persona, full of energy and zeal to help through powerful communication The content is apt and has the ability to really impact.

Sheetal Kashikar
VP, Asset and Wealth Management at BNY Mellon
Excellent course. This course is a combination of world-renowned courses. Also, this course and coach structured me to articulate and present in a simple manner to connect to our day-to-day life so that I am able to connect and practice.

Chandu Cheeti
Director Partner Technology, Microsoft

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