Corporate Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Mira works with firms to design and execute personalized business etiquette training curriculum for corporate employees. This is applicable across Interns, new hires, mid and senior level management.

Corporate Etiquette

Fine Dining Etiquette

The target is to get the participant to be fully conversant with food, wine, and etiquette related to fine dining and to handle themselves with confidence, style, and world-class. Mira trains participants...

Corporate Etiquette

Power Dressing

Men & women across corporates are groomed to stay ahead of the competition with a dynamic and up-to-date appearance. How they look and feel will greatly determine how they succeed in the marketplace.

Corporate Etiquette

Social Etiquette

Bring in panache by polishing your social graces. Mira coaches the participants through vital rules of necessary behavior and demonstrates adoption of ‘old fashioned’ ideas and customs to the modern society.

Corporate Etiquette

Communication Skills

Mira works to improve the participant’s interpersonal communication skills in English. Communication and presentation are often described as the most desirable quality in any employee. Post the programme.

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